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Letter to the Citizens of Addis

08/6/13 11:37 AM

To the Citizens of Addis,

It is truly an honor to serve you as Mayor of Addis.  The first (6) six months have come and gone and the Staff, Council, and myself have been busy. Some of the accomplishments:

  1. We have completed the widening and paving of Peter Messina Road as well as repaired pot holes throughout the town.
  2. We have addressed drainage projects along First Street and will be continuing other drainage projects using grant money previously awarded. Other drainage maintenance has been identified and completed.
  3. We have had meetings with the Rail Road concerning rail traffic and the conditions of the crossings.
  4. We have had meetings with the Louisiana Department of Transportation concerning all Traffic Signals in the Town of Addis and will continue to work on the signals allowing a better flow of traffic entering or crossing LA 1.
  5. The connector road between Sugar Mill Plantation and Lukeville Lane has been completed.
  6. We have new businesses in Town including the Dollar General Store and Fit Blendz (located in Benedetto’s Shopping Center) and it appears we will have a new Day Care being built in Addis.
  7. We are happy to announce the launching of the new Town of Addis Website,, replacing the current site which was launched in 1997. Our goal for the website is to help promote the Town of Addis and to provide information about the Town of Addis and its history. Also, we want to provide important phone numbers and links to other sites of interest of our local area. We hope you visit our website soon and share it with your friends and relatives.

I would like to share some of the areas of complaints by some of the citizens.  First, we have had numerous complaints about pets running through the neighborhoods.  The Town of Addis has an ordinance concerning dogs running at large:

          Sec. 4-3. – Running at large.

No owner shall allow his animal, whether domesticated or undomesticated, or fowl to roam, run, or be at large upon any public property or the private property of another.

Another Town Ordinance that has been the subject of complaints is concerning vicious or dangerous animals which requires a special permit, including a permit fee as well as insurance and certain requirements for the living quarters for such animals:

Sec. 4-6. – Keeping dangerous animals prohibited; exception. 

No dangerous animal as defined by this article in section 4-1 above shall be allowed within the Town of Addis, unless a special permit pursuant to section 4-7 is first obtained from the Town of Addis.

Please make sure to follow all ordinances of the Town and if you have any questions, please contact the Town Hall.

In closing, please look at the website,, to see your elected Town of Addis Officials:

            Mayor Pro-Tempore  Rusty Parrish                        7th Term

            Councilperson         Wilson “Hook” Cazes          6th Term

            Councilperson         Lance “Yogi” Gauthreaux   4th Term

            Councilperson         Rhonda Leblanc Kelley      1st Term

                        -First Lady to be elected to the Addis Town Council

            Councilperson         Tate Acosta                           1st Term

            Chief of Police         Ricky Anderson                   4th Term

Kindest Regards,

David H. Toups


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