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Welcome to the Town of Addis – ‘Our Town’

Addis, Louisiana, located in West Baton Rouge Parish, along the Mississippi River, situated on Louisiana Highway One, is located just minutes from Louisiana’s State Capitol City – Baton Rouge. The Town of Addis is a growing town, home to friendly people, strong neighborhoods, excellent schools, active churches, and beautiful parks. We strive to maintain our small town atmosphere, while offering unique advantages of close location to metropolitan areas, major universities, business, and industry.
Addis, Louisiana where “Your problems will be smaller, Your burdens will be few, For Friends are made for helping, And that’s just what they do…..In Addis – our town.”

Our Town

She’s not unique or even different
From small-town U.S.A.
But she has a way of calling you
If ever you should stray.
From the fields of playing children,
Parents yelling to “play ball!”
From the bustling, busy train yards,
And the locomotive’s lonesome call

Perhaps your path has taken you
To cities far away
To live your life and raise your kids
So that’s where you must stay,
But you’ll see old friends and neighbors
And still you don’t believe,
That there ever was a place like this
Where ever you might roam
It’s called the town of Addis
The place that we call home.

Our people work together
For the betterment of all
And if you should need a helping hand
All you need do is call.
Your problems will be smaller
Your burdens will be few
For Friends are made for helping
And that’s just what they do.

Their faith in God is very strong
They believe in what is right,
They know that He will help us
Through each long and lonely night
So where ever your life takes you
Don’t let it get you down
There’s always someone waiting here
In Addis ~ our town.

Catty Rome Tullier
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